Nothing in today's market is more critical than knowing business risk drivers and quantifying business risk. Better yet, is the ability to incorporate analytics and predicted risk dynamics into your business planning process.

Solid, actionable knowledge-based intelligence gained from your companys data results in competitive advantage and innovation - the kind of innovation that can take your organization to the next level.

IHA Consultants offers comprehensive solutions that are flexiable and accessible over the web. Moreover, using cloud based gpu, results are available in real time.

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What we do...

IHA Consultants, Inc., is an independent provider of cloud based gpu actuarial solutions comprised of web app services, project consulting services, data services and actuarial systems services. IHA Consultants provides consulting, software and custom solutions serving health care and property casualty sectors.

What we offer...

Whatever your business requirements, using our cloud based stochastic gpu web apps or custom developed web app solution, you'll find an IHA Consultants' solution that fits your needs, budget, and is flexible.

  • Advanced Actuarial Stochastic/Predictive Solutions and Consulting

  • Enterprise Risk

  • Informatics

  • Analytics & Predictive Models

  • Stochastic based Actuarial Financial Risk Modeling Solutions for Healthcare

  • Stochastic based Actuarial Financial Risk Modeling Solutions for Property and Casualty